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Did you Miss ME?

Oh my darlings, what a month it has been. I am a Gemini and can't you tell? From the way I navigate gender to mommy and daddy play... to being the BEST/WORST decision you've ever made, there are good deeds that only devils can commit...and by God...I look like an angel. Until you realize I don't.

My account on Instagram was shut down by someone insistent on thwarting my work here in the valley. The old adage of Haters gonna Hate is real here in the other valley of Sin. Good ol' Salt Lake City and I'm rebuilding my page that was so terribly torn from me. I'm still attempting to get it restored, but we'll see what the social media moguls have to say to my please for restoration considering the internet trolls have gotten to my spicy and oh, so satisfying account.

That being said, let's recap what has gone on in the dungeon this past month, shall we?

New sissies! Oh MY! New sissies, y'all really want to come out and please me don't you?

I have received numerous new inquiries on how to become one of my favorite dollies and I've been so very busy. My sissies are giving too. I've received corsetry, gloves, breast forms, high heeled stilettos, make up and wigs and all other kinds of accoutrement to help new sissies become the best they can be! Mxtress loves a good, giving sissy and as all good girls are known to do...they share. So, here is my ENORMOUS thank you to my good girls who share and give to these other sissies coming out of the wood work here in this REPRESSED valley of Sin and Salt.

Perhaps we'll need to organize a tea party sometime? Just some food for thought loves.

A new cage/bondage bed has been set in the dungeon! It is purple and cosmos themed with attachment points for all my rope bondage desires and if you know me, really know know that I make my own ropes because I pride myself on beautiful things and my desire for the exact color to suit my exact needs exists in my own hands. For those lucky enough to have experienced this new cage/bondage bed, consider yourself privileged indeed. A custom piece of furniture always goes a long way to providing a unique experience of lust and wonder in the hands of well oiled dominatrix.

Speaking of furniture, I have been consulting on some pieces of beauty with a team of artisans, dominatrixes, welders and architects from across the US. The furniture is in the final stages of completion and come late Summer, I will have my hands on a whole new set of steel and leather furniture for my darling's amusement. You said spanking bench, I said...LUXURY spanking feel me? This is top of the line BDSM furniture and I cannot wait to play with my personal submissives and clients on the brainchildren of this team of incredible artists. It's coming... and so will you.

I have been all over the West since my last blog post and am currently helping run a festival in the forest of Utah. If you know, you know...and if you don't maybe you can find out! The shenanigans are amongst us and I am incredibly busy, so if you are lucky enough to get to see me between consulting, playing, traveling, dominating, writing, training submissives and otherwise engaging in a life of consistent wonder, consider it a gift to both you and myself.

I will be traveling with my personal servant from July 18th-August 6th.

We will be visiting London, Paris, Amsterdam, Austria and more throughout Europe for the month and I intend on getting into kink parties wherever we land and also investing in some new European tools for when I return. I will also be investing in some training for BDSM and Tantra and intend on incorporating the new fusion of these skills when I return stateside.

I PRIDE myself on being well educated and well oiled/maintained.

Please be advised that I will not be responding to emails or taking clients in the US at that time. You'll just have to wait.

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