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Sacrificing a Virgin on Easter Sunday

I often get requests from Virgins, yes capital 'V' Virgins. I am elated every time...why?

Nothing makes me happier than taking a sweet soul into the dungeon and having their God complex rewired, their shame spoken to and their 'sins' absolved. How many times does one have to rewire the God complex you ask?

In Utah...over and over and over and over and over again.

He came to me on Easter Sunday.

My idea.

I requested, "Sunday Best"

If you know, you know.

I love to get into philosophy (feel-osophy), religion, shame, guilt and the reasons why so many of the humans in my field have decided to sell their lives and souls to a man in the sky when they could so much more easily sell it to me. At least with me, you get to actually tell the truth. At least with me there isn't an entire lifetime of pressure built up for you to say the 'right' thing and not the 'true' thing. At least with me when I say, "Tell me your sins" you finally do.

The thing about Mormon boys that has ALWAYS been the thing about Mormon boys is that they love to lie. Most especially about their sexual habits and tendencies. We all know that the boys touch themselves and yet they all still get to serve the sacrament...curious much? We all know that they can't actually 'come out' with it as the punishment is almost too severe to endure without breaking. So instead of breaking, they lie.

They lie in wait.

And they wait and they wait and they wait until they cannot wait anymore and the lie becomes too heavy and they finally say, "Goddess, I need you. Goddess I cannot lie to you. Goddess, thank you." Tears are usually involved as well.

Salt for my indulgence. The salt of the Earth...especially if they're virgins.

This particular virgin came to me pleading to be wrapped around my finger. To be utterly sucked into the world of the Dominatrix. To submit, to worship, to reveal themselves for the first time in the presence of another human being in all their glory...their true virginal glory.

I will say this, that there is a beautiful and particular kind of magic that exists in the virgins. They come with a magic all their own and they love to love.

It's true, they love to love.

And I love to love them by allowing them to be just as they are. Worthy of everything their heart desires and for this one...he desired so much.

He revealed his heart to me. And I saw him...there... naked and kneeling in front of me in a collar of black leather. He spoke his heart and his truth and I said,"You honor me." He said, "Thank you for seeing me." I said, "It's extremely difficult not to."

Everyone thinks that virgins are somehow desperate or pathetic or missing something.

Such is not the case, oftentimes they just haven't had a strong enough reason to engage in something that people think has a timeline or a set date. The truth is that fucking doesn't have to have a time frame and with the Mormon upbringing that this Virgin had, he was insistent that he just hadn't found the person and also that he was proud to be a Virgin and not looking to fuck, but looking to experience divine connection.

Now, I'm the last person to put Virginity on a pedestal (especially considering the religious implications of the Mormon upbringing I myself had), but I do in fact LOVE working with Virgins. I find them curious, receptive, devoted, kind and with an enormous case of self understanding. They haven't had anyone else to distract themselves with so get to know themselves quite well. When they devote themselves to me in the dungeon, I see a profound way of being in the world that doesn't revolve around desperation, but a deeply imbued sense of patience and also...self compassion. I LOVE Virgins.

And they....LOVE me.

As we wrapped up our worship session on the all holy day of Easter, I thanked him for his devotion and his magic shared on my behalf. If there is a magic here on Earth as we know it, I'd claim it to be based in energy exchanges that do honor to both the giver and the receiver. The acknowledgment that we are both important and critical pieces to releasing the shame that we find ourselves burdened under and in setting ourselves free, do the same for so many others we can't see.

And...we don't need a cross to do it...unless you're kinky like that.

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