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Sex Ninja Training

I pride myself on always seeking to advance my skills. This involves my work not only as a dominatrix, but as a coach, performer, artist, activist and tantra practitioner. I wear many hats and all of them come adorned in pins and flowers.

I recently returned from an ISTA Training (International School of Temple Arts) for those unfamiliar with this platform for tantric spiritual learning. I gagged at the concept of "Temple" at first glance, but allowed this verbiage to sink in as not the Mormon version of temple, but something...else. This training blends the teachings of tantra, spirituality, energy analytics, aspecting, internal massage and other forms of dare I say WOO WOO witchcraft practices into a container of explosive transformation. Good thing I like the WOO because it got real weird, most especially when we could play in the night.

This training shifted me to my core, called out my demons and made me look at my desires in the raw light of an inescapable weekend in the mountains. My inner tantra lover who works in energetics and softness began to merge with the shadowy pieces of my psyche in ways I hadn't experienced yet. My dominatrix roared with delight as I began to understand how to fuse my tantra based energetic leanings with the raw skills of hypnosis, shadow and pain wrapped up in a playful night in the "Temple" or for us Dommes out there...the dungeon.

When asked, "What do you hold sacred Nova?"

I replied, "Pain."

Pain is the place we hide in and the place we want so desperately to be seen. It is often dark in this place of pain and our real desires are hidden here, tucked away beneath the facade of societal niceties and pin striped suits. I learned to embody my sex ninja and find those corners lurking in the dark of my psyche. I called the shadows into action and set them free while the demon whisperer and devil in the temple held them accountable for their wishes.

I'm that Devil (for myself first and for others after) and I smile for the ones who allow me to play with them and call in their demons in the night. It takes a very brave soul to engage with a Domme and allow their fantasies to truly take flight. Bravery, yes, but first the bravery to face yourself. That's what being a sex ninja is all about.

It's about stalking your own shadows, your own drowned out needs, your fears, your deep, deep pain and then recognizing it for what it is. Your desire. You add society to desire and you get shame. But if you can get the shame out of it...we just have desire.

When you come to the dark night of your soul and let me help you stalk those things you so desperately want, but have such a hard time finding...well then you can learn to be a sex ninja too. It takes bravery, accountability, humor, follow through and yes...PAIN to find your desire. Desire is a funny beast and this sex ninja loves to humor their animal. Training, I'm always in training and this is why I can help you if you're willing to submit to my desire to finally, finally, finally find yours.

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