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Welcome to Mx. Novatrix's SL,UT Church

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Mx. Novatrix is SLC's Premiere Ex-Mormon Domme

Cum one, Cum all to the Church of Desire steeped in Hellfire, Lust and Sin

Mx. Novatrix is holding the congregation of sinners captive in the good ol' other city of sin...Salt Lake City, Utah. Now that the dungeon is open, church is in session. Mx. Novatrix has been studying under the attentive eye of the one and only Ms. Julie Spanks and intends to give this city the punishment it's been waiting for.

Don't hesitate to email to schedule a play appointment today.

Ex-Mormons are highly encouraged to message with tributes which include Book of Mormons, Garments, Baptismal jumpsuits and other LDS paraphernalia for Mx. Novatrix's delight.

They indulge in the profane with an ecstasy that is unparalleled, so make sure you choose the right tribute and come ready to serve.

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