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Overnight Stays with Mxstress are the Bees Knees

Okay, so we fantasize and play pretend every day here on the internet, in our cubicles, our houses, our marriages, our society and the way it tethers us to things that were never actually made for us... what if something was? What if you found out that the piece of your life that you only dreamed of could ACTUALLY happen and the dream...finally becomes reality.

Well for someone like me, my life is my dream. I am free to create, to be, to play on my own timeline...all the time. I pride myself on this and specialize in making others dreams come true. Don't you know that that's what we really do in the dungeon? Help you finally BREAK FREE.

This month I hosted my lovely sissy from NYC. This is the second time they have spent a significant amount of their time with me and it just keeps getting better! They shipped all of their much needed and adored wares, toys, costumes and of course GIFTS for Mxtress to the P.O. Box that is provided under my "contact" section of my website. It arrived soundly and Mxtress got to work creating a fantasy land of sissy indulgence, naughty bedtime shenanigans and of course...a little torture in the medical room via CBT throne and some wicked wicked weights and twine. We gave a whole new meaning to the word WHIRLIGIG because my oh my...did we have a SPINNER!

We played, they worshipped, I took the utmost care to ensure that my needs were met and the ultimate fantasy dress up room with make up and the works was created. Fluffy pillows, a canopy, a bedspread that looked like a downright queer gender galaxy and crinoline (tutus) galore were laid out in the dungeon as well as beautiful images of Mxstress' mouth and some lullaby and goodnight music to keep my sissy good and sleepy. You don't wake until I tell you to, those are the rules! STAYING PUT...will get you everywhere.

We ended our session with one of my favorite rituals....

A worship and dance torture session where you kneel upon my prayer bench and watch me slowly unveil my gorgeous body while keeping your hands to yourself! You are entranced and unable to move as my curves slide across your chest and my laugh echoes in your perfect ears. If you're cheeky, you'll be blindfolded and only the smell of me will keep you company! In this case, sissy paid extra to be gagged by my panties and indulge in taste, smell and torture as they were unable to ever get close enough to me and leaked all over the bench...lick it up bitch. She was happy to.

So... you wanna play in the dungeon?

You want to give yourself permission to create the dream reality you've always wished for?

You want a vicious and delicious domme to help.

I may look nice, but those that see me absolutely know better.

You know where to find me darling.

For a price.

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