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Mx. Novatrix Offers Pro BDSM Services in the SLC Valley

Popular Options Listed Below

Mx. Novatrix's Menu

Mx. Novatrix loves a curious submissive.

Below you will see some of my most popular offerings listed. It makes me happy to know that you are doing your research on me.

YOU definitely want to make ME happy.

 Details and cost are listed below in each section accordingly.

I look forward to your submission with delight.

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Intro to Submission

Because I work in Utah, many folks do not understand the nature of professional domination.

Your submission starts the minute you enter any domme's inbox.

The 'Intro to Submission' session takes you all the way from inbox to dungeon with coaching on how to interact with a pro-domme and hands on experiential learning of a smorgasbord of dungeon experiences to determine what your kinks may or may not be.

These include hypnosis, spanking, foot fetish, bondage, flogging, light pain play, worship and more.

Other 'Harder' forms of play will be introduced as well, but not experienced until the time is right. 

Guess you'll have to come see me again Sinner.

 Email for Rates and Availability

*Session is customizable upon request*

Image by Nikkita Nouveau @Nikkitanouveau on IG

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Sissy Sessions

Sissy sessions are my favorite sessions.

Note that the initial investment of heels, panties and make-up is up to you due to weight and height variation amongst clients as well as skin tone matching requirements. 

Sent lists of make-up and heels to buy for a low cost are available once deposit is made.

These are solely online shopping lists for privacy and ease of access.

I have extra wardrobe on hand at all times, but not ALL pieces fit ALL clients. To ensure a successful session, plan accordingly.

If you please me, I can store specific Sissy's wardrobes at a cost of $25/month for repeat clients.

Sissy sessions include a top to bottom transformation including wig, make-up, lingerie, stockings, heels and feminization coaching on voice and walk.

*Not only for Assigned Male at Birth

(AMAB) clients*

Due to the time, effort and energy it takes to transform you into my favorite little sissy, these sessions are a minimum of two hours long. We want to get you pretty before we play after all and that takes time.

 Email for Rates and Availability

*Session is customizable upon request*


Image for Blue Boutique @sexyblueboutique on IG

Dreamscapes by Todd Collins 992 edit.jpg
Dreamscapes by Todd Collins 992 edit.jpg
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Worship/Goddex Sessions

This is a favorite of my Ex-Mormon clientele. Something about worshipping at the altar of a dominatrix proves that the nature of God doesn't just exist in a church, but also in total submission and a relinquishing of control to a Mistress.

Light hypnosis is used to indoctrinate you into a worshipping state as the altar of the Goddex is embodied in your Mistress for the session. This is one of the more sensual sessions that I offer and includes eye gazing and touch as key components to surrender.


True submission in a worship session can take you to the depths of yourself and allow you to know the deepest desires of your soul that otherwise may remain hidden in our conscisous day-to-day states.

Email for Rates and Availability

*Session is customizable upon request* 

Image by Todd Collins
@toddcollinsphoto on IG

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Slave Training

These sessions are on an EXCLUSIVE case to case basis. I am extremely picky in regards to who deserves this amount of attention.

Proceed accordingly.

Not every submissive is willing or able to be a slave, even though they may think they want to be.

This is a rare and  special personality type and 

I have extremely high requirements for my slaves.

If you displease me or otherwise decide to disrespect me in this container I wish you the utmost luck in finding any domme willing to indulge you or play with you as a slave. This container is an honor.

Behave accordingly.

Complete Submission, Hypnosis, Behavior Modification, Relationship Coaching, Groveling, Human Furniture Training,

Chores, Tasks, Posture and Etiquette, Attendance Training and more are required to be a proper and well-attuned slave.

*Not available for one off sessions*

Email for Rates and Availability

Includes one 90 minute dungeon session/week and

One Mistress Call/week (Limited to 30 minutes)

*Not a customizable session*


Image by Nikkita Nouveau @Nikkitanouveau on IG

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