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Double Domme Damnation

Ahhhh, the joy of working with one of my constituents in my Lighthouse.

This is the thing about running a business for yourself, you get to call the shots.

Now that I am in a space owned and operated by me Double Domme sessions are available and highly encouraged! Who wouldn't want not just one, but TWO (or three) absolutely DEVESTATING dominatrixes handing them in the depths of a beautifully adorned dungeon...

I am grateful to those who I work with and who trust me and who I also trust.

Trust is everything and what I've come to understand is trust is built by...

Consistency over Time.

My long term clients and submissives know this.

It all takes time and with the darling Dominatrixes I choose to bring into sessions with some of my favorite clientele, WELL...let's just say trust is key and with this last session...the hypnotic and alluring knowing that sometimes we Dominas do not have to say anything at all to each other.

We just know.

Something about intuition and a taste for diabolical delights does this to a person.

So, the next time you are looking around the internet wondering what to get your hands into, message me and see if you can have four hands tying you up, torturing you, tempting you, alluring you into the sweet release of tender and terrible and awe inspiring and endlessly comforting and addictive submission...did I cover all the bases?

You can't. With two, the possibilities are endless and what can I say?

I only play with the BEST, so Come Correct or Don't Come at All.

With your tribute handy and your knees ready.

We'll...Be Waiting.

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