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GenderFuckery and You! A Beginner's Guide to Play

Now that the dungeon is remodeled (stunningly so I might add), we are back in business and this week's sessions brought me right back into alignment with some of my favorite play...GOOD OL' GENDERFUCKERY!

It's funny to me that some of the most requested porn out there is trans porn, some of the most requested escorts are trans escorts, some of the most requested play is trans play and drumroll please...some of my most requested sessions are Genderfuxxed sessions. Y'all can pretend you ain't into it...even the good ol' boys at the state capitol in Utah with their Trans Healthcare bans can pretend they ain't into it...but I'm telling you right now...Daddy's and politicians and bishops are some of my BEST clients.

Every daddy needs a DADDY.

So, without further ado I present to you...

GenderFuckery 101


You have to first decide that you actually want to be the one in lingerie or high heels or a wig or make-up or ALL of the above (assuming you identify as a man or were assigned male at birth, what I will lovingly refer to hereafter as AMAB). As an AMAB you have to decide that you're done with the cis male bullshit and are ready to be put up into a 'lady' look and have your entire world shifted. You have to decide that you are 'MAN' enough to buckle up buttercup and submit to the will of the dominatrix. Who...if it's me can make you real pretty.

Every AMAB I believe has a secret desire to feel like a pretty princess. To feel the other side of the coin. To be adored, adorned, made up and walked about (on a leash if you're clever). I believe firmly in gender magic as a way to create new pathways of empathy, self expression and understanding between the sexes. Of which there are WAY more than two. Once you can admit your desires and choose to submit to them, then the real work begins.


If you are an AMAB, you are most likely unaware of the cost it takes to be 'Female' in this society. There are nails, clothes, make-up, hair, razors, shaving, jewelry, shoes, purses, underwear, bras...the list goes on. To appear 'female' in this society costs a shit ton of money. It is EXPENSIVE to be femme.

You will have to do the initial investment into your transformation.

You will have to begin to build a closet that suits your inner 'female.'

You will have to invest in wigs and nails.

You will have to spend money and time on figuring out your style.

You will have to know what perfume matches your scent profile.

You will have to figure out what color profile you have for make-up matching.

YOU will most likely have to go shopping with a Mxtress to figure all of this out.

Your investment will pay off in the long run. Guaranteed.

The more dedicated YOU are to your transformation, the deeper you can go with your Mxtress and the more realistic your transformation and submission will become.

You are responsible for the investment into your 'female' transformation.

Your Mxtress must be compensated as well for their expertise and lived experience.

This is critical. Come Correct.


Once all of the pieces are in place. All of the bits are shipped to the dungeon, the date is set and your Mxtress is ready. Your DESIRE has been recognized, Your INVESTMENT has been procured and now the TRANSFORMATION can begin.

You enter the dungeon.

The scene is set and the mobile closet and beauty studio are in place. You see all of your tools and clothing, your press on nails, the glitter, the perfume, the lipstick, the shoes set up. Your Dominatrix sits on the couch and tells you to strip all of your clothes off, your identity is being shorn, you are no longer you. You are the Mxtress' play thing. My play thing.

You were instructed to come completely shaven. From top to bottom. Armpits, Pubic Hair, Facial Hair, Leg Hair. You are bare. You are naked in front of me. You are ready to be transformed into my dolly for the session. You are ready to be feminized.

I take you to the chair with the make up, nail and hair tools. I have placed your cute purple collar on the table alongside ankle and wrist restraints and of course my favorite leather straps. The restraints are placed on your bare ankles and wrists. I strap you underneath your petite breasts and secure you to the chair. Your hands are placed behind your back and secured with a carabiner to each other. The clink of my chains echoes from behind as I use the chain to secure your ankles to the legs of the chair.

"Comfortable Sissy?" You betcha.

As soon as you're secure. I begin to put you into make up.

Foundation is smoothed across your face. The smell of powder and blush enters your nostrils. I pluck your eyebrows and fill them in. I outline full lips and insist you keep your eyes closed as your eyeliner dries along your lids. As soon as your liner is complete, I glue eyelashes to your lids and add a touch of sparkle to your cheek bones.

You may smile. You may cry. Both are acceptable responses.

You are beautiful. I place the wig on your head. It is pink or purple or blonde or a deep red is the style of your choice. Your fantasy. Your investment. You breathe deep as the wig sits on your head and the feeling of the strands falling on your naked shoulders sends shivers into your entire body. You are covered in goosebumps. Perfect time to spray perfume on you and tell you, "What a beautiful little sissy you are." You grin.

I release you from the chair and have you stand. At this point... you are a sissy and you most likely have an erection that must be tamed. I force you into a pair of control top stockings. I place a bra and panties on the table for you to put on after your naughty sissy clit (aka dick) is trapped in the stockings. You fumble with the bra straps and clasps, I laugh and spank you for being so silly! You don't even have nails on yet! You eventually figure it out.

Your slip is on the table now. You place this on your body noticing how the satin and lace cause your sissy clit to ache inside your stockings. You begin to leak through your stockings and undies. I notice. You get another spanking. "Naughty sissy!"

Shoes are next. You struggle to fit your feet into the Size 12 leather Pleaser pumps. Once they are on, I ensure to lock them into place. Leather straps with padlocks...yes please. Then you sit again and I put your claws on...bedazzled and glittered. Nails for the sissy, but unable to scratch. Feeling debilitated never looked so good.

Last, but certainly not least is the collar. I rub it against your arms and press the leather against your chest. I slowly move it up to your throat and secure it from behind you with a gentle threading of the leather through the clasp.

"We're ready."


A session can include any of the following:

Spanking, Humiliation, Degradation, Strutting, Service, Worship, Photoshoot, Toilet Training, Human Furniture, Dress Up, Fantasy Sleepover, Restraint, Flogging, Nipple Torture, Mindfucking, Cuckolding, Stocking Fetish, Wardrobe Destruction, Sissy Maid, Foot Fetish, Dollification, Bimbofication, Forced Bi....the list goes on.

As you can see a session takes an incredible amount of knowledge and expertise. To be aware of how to Genderfuck is an undertaking not for the faint of heart for either sub or dominant. It is something to be taken seriously and the investment also leads itself to the reward.

I transform you as part of the submission process. This transformation leads to the rest of the activities being experienced in the realm of a Genderfuck session as opposed to any other BDSM session. Gender is a construct and a mindset and dare I say it one of the most common and unrecognized kinks out there. It is a different experience to play in a headspace you don't commonly enjoy or relate to. It can create an immense amount of empathy and euphoria. When you are MY begin to understand how precious you are and how utterly helpless. You embrace submission, feminization, and thank me profusely.

Who else could do this for you, with you? Nobody, but a trained dominatrix.

There are many ways to have a GENDERFUCK session. I have not listed a specific session here as there are so many variables at play and you'll have to read the rest of my blog for those specific details and stories. Take a look at some of the kinks listed above, begin your investment into Genderfuckery and watch what blooms. And yes...I also play with AFAB (Assigned Female at Birth) clients as well and my fellow Trans humans are always welcome to Fuck it up with me in the dungeon anytime.

May your Kink be Mighty, Your Gender be Fucked and your Coming...Correct.

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