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Goddexx Worship: What it Means and How to Do It

We start simply enough. I tell you how to address me and it is as follows, "Goddexx."

This is a moniker of deep respect and dare I say reverence (those of you who are Ex-Mormon may choke at the idea of this, but this is how it works). REVERENCE. For not only the graciousness that I exude in allowing you to observe me, indulge me, worship me, but also reverence for this thing we call being human and this form we exist in named body.

"Goddexx." You breathe it in as if it were only the slightest memory of something you never dared to forget. But, it happens to us. To all of us. We forget that we are indeed holy and that sometimes the sheer awe of human existence is enough to make us weep and shake us to our very core. How could we dare forget to see the holiness in one another? To remember how divine we really are takes courage and grit. I am here as a reminder.

So you kneel before me, remembering to address me only when I say so.

You are already enamored, addicted, afflicted with this thing called life and I am here to set you you willingly, begging on all fours come to me in the depths of your submission. To pay respect to the holy container of flesh and blood, desire, smell and cannot consume the Goddexx. But you may simply sit in the presence and the beauty of a developed and devoted Dominatrix.

I strip my clothes and step away from you. You are wearing the collar that I've placed around your neck, naked and raw you follow me to the bathroom. I ask you to run a bath and light the tea lights around me to illuminate further, the holy nature of spirit and flesh. Fire and Water collide as light caresses my naked curves and you...stripped bare behold glory in dripping, warm, delicious skin and bone before you.

"You may observe me." I say.

You look on as I lay in the tub full of lavender scented salts. The tea lights reflecting on the water and the stained glass window in the room glowing its amber light onto me in the vessel of water that is beginning ever so slowly to fill up. You fill my glass with ice cold water and let me drink before you. You stay in place, observing until you bow your head from the sheer weight of seeing Goddexx in flesh before you. It can be so heavy for humans to allow such things to overwhelm them.

You weep.

I begin to pour water from my glass upon my naked flesh as I stand like Aphrodite herself in the tub before you. Water gently surrounding my ankles, my form is sanctified with the water and pours slowly over my breasts, my stomach and my vulva leaking into the water below me. I am dripping wet, shining in the dim glow of fire and stained glass. Mary never dared to stand so holy before a human...naked and exposed and empowered to know that fingers shall never touch my being unless they earn the right to do so.

"You may observe me." I say again to remind you as the tears fall from you face to the tiled floor. "You must observe me."

"Goddexx, I can't. It's too much."

I pull your collar up and stare into your eyes.

"Remember that you are allowed this grace. I am simply a channel for the divine in all of us. Your Goddexx, yes, but also deeply human. My flesh is untouchable except for the permission I grant on the occasions you come in humility and utter submission to the altar of the old Goddexx, the sacred whores of Delphi, the dark and divine feminine in uprising before you. You have paid with body and your tribute is accepted. Gaze upon me, for the time is almost done and you will have to once again depart from this holy place. A changed man."

You take me in as I stand naked and still in the tub. Glistening in glory and humility for being able to channel the Goddexx tonight for you, for me, for all of us. I step out of the tub and allow you to dry me. Never once touching my skin with your hands. I dress in a silken robe, kiss your forehead and tell you our time is finished...for now.

I remove your collar. You get dressed. And bless me as you leave for teaching you the secrets of the universe.


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