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Mx. Novatrix is BACK and booking into March

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

What a WILD ride Mexico was for this traveling domme. Looks like the city needed me more than I realized, but I also needed it. I was so busy treating myself to the beauty of Mexico that I forgot to indulge my readers in a little piece of my most recent shenanigans.

It turns out that coupling with established couples is something I'm particularly good at and particularly fond of. Most people consider this a "unicorn" lifestyle, but for's not the case. I just find myself saying yes to invitations of the deviant kind and it leads me into situations my astrology chart so adequately describes as "things you should write about."

So herein lies a piece of my exhibitionist heart...the one that resides in filthy writing and sharing it with you.

I was invited in by a psychiatric nurse and her non-binary partner (insert swoon here). I was simply dropping off some ropes (I own a shibari rope treatment/dying business) and decided to stay for dinner and wine. I guess this is how a porno starts, wait for it. The dinner was lovely, the company even lovelier and when asked what I do for a living...the inevitable answer of pro-domination, performance, travel and education came up. Intriguing, no? Then a piece of my history fell out when the nurse mentioned tantra. Ooh, yes. I'm familiar. She said, "Come up to the temple?" To which I replied, "But of course."

The upstairs temple had fur rugs, a liberator chair, massage table and various cabinets. I knew that wonderful things lay in those cabinets. They (Both the nurse and her partner) offered me a couples massage. Who would say no, especially after wine and the kind of sensory indulgences that only fur and leather mixed with sweet smells of incense can bring you. Certainly not me.

Warm oil poured over my naked shoulder blades and back. I was entirely exposed on the massage table with four hands working over my skin in slow circular motions stopping every once in a while to explore my buttocks. Shy? Just a touch (no pun intended). I encouraged them to explore further and turned my body over so my breasts were exposed. The nurse decided to kiss me and encouraged her partner to keep massaging my thighs and feet. Perfect timing for my pussy to get wet and for them to invite me to the Liberator chair.

I was strapped in ankles and wrists. Sat on by her beautiful partner and fucked with various vibrators and toys. Inside and outside, outside and inside, allowing the sounds to emanate through me and reverberate against the walls. All the while understanding that this couple was serving me. I was the focus, the main center of attention and I reveled in it. Knowing that neither one was getting off tonight...only me. Center stage and being the show for their curiosity. I writhed in glee against the black velvet chair and pulled fiercely against my restraints. They had to keep ensuring my arms stayed above my head.

Two orgasms in...I lost count and when my restraints were released. I curled up nude on the fur rug on the ground and purred like a cat. I don't know how long I rested, but once stirred, I sat up and we decided to close the circle holding each other in gaze and in touch.

"Baby..." said the darling partner..."We served the Mistress."

I smiled..."Don't let it get to your head now." Then proceeded to clean up and go home to be in dreamland in my own bed. Adored, worshiped and fucked to the sky.

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