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The First Time You Meet Daddy

I walked into the space...low light, red bulbs glowing in the distance, fur rugs, hard wooden walls. A group of electrified humans dressed in lingerie and ready for a night of playtime in the temple...the dungeon...whatever you call this space of's a sex bubble waiting to burst open in just the way it's always meant to. Nobody knows just when it will pop, but the energy builds between us and we smile in the face of an adventure built of skin, sweat, lust, love and longing.

This time I was wearing a teddy...lace with white hearts, no shoes...I looked sweet...they usually look sweet. It doesn't matter how femme I appear you see...the vibe is always Daddy.

"Hi there, sweetheart." I said it in my head first. Her hair wasn't red or purple, but that shade in between like blushing maroon orchids longing to be adored. She asked for it. She was wearing a steel boned black corset. Daddy...LOVES...corsets. Her hair was wavy and long. It swept across her back and covered the laces of the corset just enough to pretend she was trying to make it difficult for Daddy to notice. Then I asked her, "Do you mind if I do a little corset play with you tonight? Have you ever experienced that before?"

"No." She giggled and swung her hair around. Her voice was light and her eyes were absolutely Devilish. The black corset cinched her waist into a vicious hourglass that pushed her chest high and her thighs out. She oozed desire...or maybe that piece was me. All I know is that when we made eye contact, the understanding was clear. We are playmates tonight and the corset is our bedfellow.

I held her waist and swayed gently with her, letting her get used to my hands on her body. I held the stiff corset and breathed her in. The smell, the look, the color of her skin against the deep black of the corset and the knowledge of steel against her delicate ribcage. I turned her around and pushed against her back, laying my head in her silken hair and inching her slowly towards the exposed beam in the room. She would need something to hold onto. As we walked together, my hands held her close. Strong hands, strong back, strong gaze. I put her hands against the beam. "Hold on." Then I unlaced the bow of her corset and slowly began to pull.

This is always the moment when the breath becomes the tool of choice for me. I pull and pull slowly at first, letting the submissive feel the corset closing in around them. I lean in and whisper..."It's just breath control," and laugh. Tonight as the corset grew tighter and she grasped for breath, I turned her around and pushed her back against the beam, the laces still in my hands. "Daddy." She said it without invitation. Her head was rolling slowly around and her hair was in her face. I lifted her chin up and got close to her mouth, looking into her eyes. "Yes, Baby. It's Daddy."

I pulled the corset laces once more until she gasped, the pitch of her voice high and tight, just the way I like it and then released her laces. She breathed in and giggled. Baby likes it. I told her, "Next time Daddy needs this two inches smaller. That way I know you'll really be struggling." She nodded, "Anything you want Daddy." That's right. Good girl.

I tightened her up one more time and as she slowly slid down the wall, I knew it was time to take her to the floor. A mat was waiting behind us and other tools of the trade were strewn around us. Floggers, paddles, leather things. I preferred my hands. She rolled around giggling, hair everywhere. Her chest heaving and voice light. Daddy let her roll around silly and satisfied. I held her and let her head relax, hair everywhere. She giggled and I smiled Loving Baby is easy. It's always easy. We played and laughed. She was in it, I was in it. Sweet Baby. Daddy loves his Babies. Hair everywhere.

I began to feel her needing. The moment always comes when Baby realizes they need. This time it was snuggles and soft things. Baby needed a blanket and a rest. I loosened up her corset. Allowing the release of tension to create that very specific kind of muscle relaxation only the freedom from corsetry can provide. I took her to the safe bench in the sex bubble where people observed and didn't play. I tucked her in and kissed her forehead. "Daddy is going to say good night now Baby, ok?" She nodded and looked up at me holding the blanket right up under her chin. "Daddy loves you, ok? He loves you."

"I know Daddy." She snuggled up and tucked her feet under her. Closing her eyes and drifting into the clouds of subspace, dungeon auras and memory.

It wasn't until later that she told me, "I've never had a Daddy before."

It is always an honor to be Daddy. Each and every time. The thing about it is we all want to trust our Daddies, we all want to be held and adored and our heart's deepest longings always go back to...yes, you know because it's in you too.


She told me..."I bought a smaller corset."

I smiled.

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