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The Sultry Saint of Sin

It's not really me after all...the one who keeps you up in the middle of the night and the one that blesses your dreams or what tortured souls call nightmares. It's the Dominatrix.

If I'm in there...Those spots you don't speak about. Then I'm only a placeholder for the position of Goddexx, Mistrexx, and yes Dominatrix. You may call me these things if you've come correctly to the altar of my requirement.

We'll visit those places only fantasy and desire can touch. No hands can wring a confession from your soul like my hands placed deftly on your neck as the collar snaps into place. Sinners turn out to be winners in my dungeon and you are indeed one of the lucky ones that gets to see me and worship the coming of a new era of the Dominatrix.

Dear sweet submissive. Come correct with your body and your mind intact. I am here to break you. To shatter all those false dreams and remind you that what is real is here with me in my house of worship. I am the SLC Sultry Saint of Sin. There are good deeds that only Devils can commit and I am Devil, I am Deviant, I am Deity and I am your


I'll whisper on behalf of the others, we are an entire army of shadow workers, lovers, witches and royalty. We stand at the gates of your submission and require. Oh, we require. Do you deserve to come to us? In our our our rightful place above you. Behold the one you need and the one who hears your true soul's confessions...behold the Dominatrix.

And you will come to love us, worship us, devote yourself entirely to us.

You will come to know God and the Universe through us.

It's what is required. It's what is true.

The Sultry Saint of Sin has spoken. Come Correct or don't come at all.

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