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Co-Domme Black Light Session Fantasies

One of my favorite things is to bring others into sessions, especially if they understand how to pay attention. Good listeners are my favorite and if you're lucky, you may just have not one set of hands on you (mine), but four or in the case of last night...six.

One leather chaise lounge lay in the room with a powerful black light illuminating the whole space into a violet glow, setting us up for success. I had two minions this evening dressed to match me. I, in a full neon yellow fishnet body suit and the two of them in neon yellow dress and jumpsuit. Coordination is a specialty of mine, especially with such willing listeners and such a flustered bottom.

The sub begged me to guide them into a titty torture scene, to which I responded with a slingshot style bikini. "Put this on Slut." They whimpered and flushed a deep red all the way down to their stomach. I pushed them down into the lounge and told them that from here on out they needed to ensure that they coordinated with my that they looked the part (in neon yellow slingshot and nothing else) they needed to begin to act like it. One of those 'one of us' moments. They giggled, "Yes, Mx." Deep bass music played and eased them into their subspace like a heartbeat.

My minions were so good. Absolutely silent just the way I like them and did exactly as I instructed. One on each piggy tail for starters while I sat on the lovely fae bottom and put my fingers into their mouth gazing into their eyes with an evil grin. "What a good little slut. So shiny, so eager."They giggled, "Yes, Mx."

I started snapping the slingshot on their enormous tits and they giggled with glee at first...until the minions moved in and started tapping their tits (one on each). I took over the piggy tail play and we started in gently and moved in with harder slaps forcing the fae's body to jolt with surprise and then pain as the marks began to show on their giant tits. "Attention whore." I whispered into their ears. They shivered.

Their tits really began to show the bruising my minions so viciously bestowed. Listening to my instruction all the while. "More. Harder. Stop." They slapped and hit. I pushed into their tits with my hands and squeezed their nipples HARD from above while my minions administered hits from the sidelines. I leaned into their chest with both of my forearms. "I'm sorry...did I hear you whimper slut?" Turning to my minions. "Get them." My two glowing darlings began to hit harder and slap while the sounds of their hands and the breathing of our fae bottom quickened. I grabbed my leather slapper because we were ready. The bruising had spread deeper into their tits and I snapped the leather next to their ears. "No more whimpering, you got it?" "Yes, Mx."




My minions worked on their thighs while I beat their enormous tits with my leather slapper. The sounds delighting me to the point of full blown laughter. The leather wrapped around the bulging breasts of our fae with a sweet grip only this tool could bestow. My minions smiling menacingly from below my waist. All eyes on fae. Their back arched. Their eyes rolled. They sucked in deep between their teeth. The bruising spread and the fae was nearing an edge.


Minions stood by my side glowing yellow, making the whole room appear in that black light purple only the true night dwellers know. They looked down on our bottom from each side and I was so proud of them. I sat on the fae with both my hands on their face. "That's enough for now." I slapped their face gently with three taps from each hand. I released my minions and the bottom breathed out slowly, "Thank you Mx."

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