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Baby, Come to Daddy

The ones who call me Mistress are cute.

The ones who call me Sir get all those brownie points and extra pain for good behavior.

The ones who call me Goddex reap the rewards only a true Devil fallen from Heaven can give.

And the ones who call me Daddy...never forget me.

I had a baby once. A beauty really. Thought herself clever when she relinquished her self collaring to me in a deep ritual I fabricated from years of worshiping myself. This is exactly why so many pathetic subs can't serve me adequately. My best lover is me.

I relish a velvet robe and satin sheets. Good lighting is my calling card (an elder Queer once said, "Being Gay is 90% lighting" and he ain't wrong.) Scents are my specialty. Fur is my most delicious indulgence. Add a willing sub to the mix and I'm the Devil in Heaven once again. Itching at the chance to become God in Baby's eyes and we all know that to a baby... God is Daddy.

She came to me. Sought me out. Begged me to collar her and I did...after I reminded her who God really was. Purple lambskin was the choice with fake chinchilla lining the leathers.


I told you.

Daddy has the best taste.

Her skin was the color honey died to envy. The fur lined cuffs sat warm around her ankles and wrists. Her wrists were together, ankles apart. Ass in the air for Daddy... Good Girl.

Spankings. Just for the Good Girl. She moaned and bit her hot pink satin pillowcase that Daddy made sure to buy her. A Baby do love spankings and I'm a Daddy that makes 'em hurt. I learned tough love makes you harder in all the best of ways. Baby learned that the hard way that night. Baby always learned so good from Daddy.

Once her ass started to warm up and turn pink. I made sure she knew who I was. "Call me by my name." "Daddy." "Good Girl." She shivered and I flipped her over. Darling Baby could hardly keep her dick in her panties and I truly didn't mind. I love an excited sub who can't use their hands and can't hide their excitement. Helps when the panties are wet before the real business begins anyway. Baby had good, inclinations... Lace panties with black velvet trim. She paid attention. Learned from Daddy. Definitely a good Baby.

I kissed her. Grabbed her jaw. Looked her in the eyes and said, "Baby, Come to Daddy." She moaned.

"Baby, Come to Daddy." I said it hovering above her wet dick that was now pushing so hard against her panties that I could grab her dick without lifting up the edge of the fabric. Easy access for an easy, eager, wet, sub.

I fingered the edge of those panties as she rocked her hips back and forth on those shiny hot pink sheets. The room smelled of divinity and she smelled completely intoxicating. A mix of arousal and warmth only the truest SLUTs ooze from their pores while under a Domme's fingers. I snapped the band hard against her erect penis and kissed her leaning into her lips with all of me. A kiss that moved my mountains.

Her chest was already exposed and I nibbled her nipples and brushed her dreads aside. I was waiting for the moment when I would use them to control her head, putting it just where I wanted it and then I would bite down on the sleek neck pulsing with anticipation... The girl wanted a collar. She was going to get it. "Baby, Come to Daddy."

I pulled the panties off her allowing the entirety of her dick to stand erect against her beautiful and now exposed body. I took a handful of her dreads in each hand and pulled her into a seated position then sat behind her. "You are going to be mine now." Her head was bowed. "Are you ready?" She nodded. I placed the collar around her neck feeling the pulse push against my fingers as I laced the leather through the clasp and anchored it down into position. She fell backwards into me in ecstacy.

The thing about a Baby is you gotta be careful. They come to you begging to be yours only to realize that they asked for the wrong thing. What they really want is someone to fool into taking care of them. They want to top from the bottom and take Daddy for all he's worth. They want Daddy to be a Yes man... They want to take Daddy's balls.

Well this Daddy doesn't have balls you can see. They have them in ways no man can understand, which is why this Daddy is so damn frightening. A Baby can't take what this Daddy ain't willing to give and honey... What you came for was maybe a Daddy, but you forgot the other part...

He's a Daddy Domme and he's here for tough love just like his Daddy gave him.

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