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Currently Seeking New Submissives

I'm back from Europe and back to work here in the Salt Lake Valley. Turns out that I have a burning desire to find even more submissives to serve me on a regular basis. If you've looked over my Blog, you know that I adore my servants and slaves. Currently, there is a slot open for a submissive to be a part of my ever expanding empire of Themme-domination here in Salt Lake City.

What this entails is a financial tribute to my well being in exchange for attendance at events, training and mentorship on how to embody a submissive disposition, how to behave, what patterns to establish within yourself to impress a dominatrix and more. You'll get access to sessions and play time with me when the mood strikes me (depending on behavior) and the blessings of a universe who understands that a well served Mxstress is the key to your expansion and evolution.

You can expect to learn how to "Come Correct" and how to behave and contribute to a powerful dominatrix on a regular basis. You will learn how to dress, serve and please me in a variety of capacities including but not limited to cooking, cleaning and fixing various aspects of my personal dungeon. When you serve a dominatrix, your life will shift permanently.

Nothing can be expected to be the same, nor would you want it to be.

I am only interested in serious submissives. You get one chance to impress me.


Read my other blog posts to understand how to behave, how to address me and the benefits you will receive while serving under me.

The dungeon awaits.

Email to discuss what you have to contribute, how you desire to serve and how you will personally "come correct."

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