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For My Femmes

To you beautiful creatures that delight and desire this world with beauty, grace and compassion. You are the strength that the mountains emulate beneath the risen morning and fallen evening. Like your breath raises your breasts as you inhale in ecstatic revery, nature echoes your life in seasons.

To you powerful creatures who deserve the utmost in devotion from those who gaze upon you as you beautify the world with color and indulgence. You who are the ones we turn to to sustain life, not just through birth, is not that simple. You connect us always to the divine, to growth, to life, to this Mother Earth. You are a reminder of all that keeps us here.

To my Femmes, in every aspect of your being, I am grateful for the trust. I touch you not to serve myself and the selfish nature of human, but to reconnect to the divine truth of woman, femme and Queen in you, in me, in the energy connecting us in this dance of life. And yes, this is for my trans women, most especially for my trans women who fight to hold together the loss of memory in a world so cruel as to deny your divinity. I honor you in every strike of my whip and every blow of my flogger against your skin.

I serve in dominance. I help you to remember you as you remind me of me.

Our bodies entwined in a session of breath, devotion, skin, memory, pain, tears and honor. The Universe did not build us to break, but to withstand insurmountable amounts of pain that strike terror in the common man who believes that he may break us with his cruelty. NO. The men who are allowed in are the ones who also know this truth...that you are steel and honey, flower and vine, wolf and maiden...there is no piecing you as you are ALL.

To my Femmes, thank you. I will always work with you and for you.

The Sultry Saint of Sin remembers how to love through you. Thank you.

The Lighthouse Awaits.

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