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2024 Updates, Changes and Protocol

Updated: May 3

Hello to all my darling submissives who read religiously (no pun intended).

My heart indeed goes to you all as you've been so good to me over the past few years of domination here in the Salt Lake City valley. There are so many changes afoot for me.

First, I moved out of the dungeon and am now working out of the Lighthouse here in SLC. My Red Room, School Room, Sissy Church and Golden Altar serve me much better and I'm pleased to say that everyone who has visited me thus far is very pleased with the variety of domination options in my new space. Choose Heaven or Hell and watch how the Goddess decides your fate.

Second, has removed BDSM as an option for services. That means you will not find us there any more. Unfortunately, there has been an increasing shadow ban on all domination and BDSM based work online and we are becoming harder to find. This means that I am prioritizing my loyal submissives and moving deeper into lifestyle domination instead of sessioning. You'll definitely have to be more impressive to get to see me these days. Come Correct or don't come at all. The First time.

Third, I have launched my domination programs and they are selling out left and right. As you all are aware, I am a Master educator and have dedicated my life to teaching and learning. BDSM is my favorite thing to teach and I'll be prioritizing my students and private clients who are interested in working with their partners or solo to change the nature of consent and domination in the Salt Lake Valley.

I've been specializing so heavily in my sissies and plan to move forward with Sissy Tea Party invitations as promised, but only for the sissies that have been the best behaved (You know who you are).

I am excited and elated to really begin feeling my stride as a Domme in the SLC valley and am grateful to my long-term servant, Corvus, who has taught me the true meaning of devotion. I have another darling who is tentatively pursuing full time service with me as well and am once again honored that someone sees my artistry, devotion and work as the sacred container it is. I am also honored by my long term clients who prioritize my well being and continuously show up as loyal, dedicated and submissive with a deep desire to transform themselves and my life through the work of BDSM. Thank you. Thank you.

2024 will require anyone interested in working with me to COME CORRECT the first time, honor the container of sacred submission fully and respect that I have beautiful full time submissives that are my priority. Nothing else will do.

I am excited to continue teaching, learning, expanding and prioritizing what and who serves me best. As I've stated, we Domina are becoming harder to find due to the shadow bans from social media and online services. Do not disrespect us or our work or you will not be coming back into our clutches. It simply isn't worth the time.

Here's to MORE in 2024.

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