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Our Time is Valuable, This is a REAL Profession

The last thing a domme needs is a submissive in their inbox behaving well, answering all the right questions, doing just what they've asked...only to disappear.

Yes, we know we can be intimidating...isn't that the point? You've come to us looking to give yourself an experience. Allow yourself the opportunity to serve. Allow yourself to submit for even just an hour or two to the whim of a...professional.

I emphasize professional here because this is a job. This is a profession and one that many of us absolutely adore. We aren't sitting on the couch watching Netflix and drinking coffee (unless of course that's negotiated and you are human furniture)...we aren't WAITING for you with nothing else to do.

We have lives, relationships, and the daily business of being human to attend to.

We have spa appointments, nail appointments, shopping, emails, research and development. Professional workshops, practice, skill sharpening and answering all the questions that you may have before your session ever begins...

What we don't have time for is clients who don't understand...THIS IS A JOB and we are PROFESSIONALS.

No call, no shows are unacceptable and are a swift path to finding yourself without any domme willing to engage with you at all and certainly not one to serve. The thing about it a small city like Salt Lake, word travels fast and word amongst this order of human travels even faster. The other thing is we've got friends and we network. We cross check our clients (especially if you travel or have connections in other states).


It will not serve us and it certainly won't serve you. Just as we have reputations to uphold, so too do our clients. Remember your manners. Understand that this is a profession that we take extremely seriously and show's what you're paying for after all. Come correct.

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