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Introducing yourself to a Pro Domme (Do's and Dont's for Potential Submissives

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Oh my...

Oh my...

Oh my...

I would insert Lions and Tigers and Bears here...but really it's Betas who think they're Alphas, Newbies and Know it Alls. Now one of those things is okay when first trying on your submissive side and two of them aren't.

When addressing a Domme or a Mistress of your choosing, the key is to begin with respect or moreover RESPECT! Exclamation point highly encouraged. Some ideas to begin...

"Good Evening Mistress..."

"Hello Mistress, I am interested in serving you..."

"Hello Mistress, how may I be of service to you?"

"Good Evening Mistress, I desire to be in your favor."

"Good Day Mistress, I am hoping you will allow me to submit to you."

Tendencies online tend to be demanding when first addressing a Pro and you will find that we do not take those messages seriously and will not respond in kind or if we decide to take pity on you, we will tell you to try again and do better this time.

Understanding that you are indeed addressing a superior is of critical importance. You are in our inbox after all seeking our services and you should show that you are willing to listen and show deference upon initial contact. This will prove worthwhile and may gain you favor in the long run.

Don't begin with...


"Can you put me in your schedule tonight?"

"What are you wearing right now?"

"Can you do this for me?"

"I'm normally an alpha, but..."

Remember, you are seeking a Domme (a Dominant). We are the ones in charge and if you don't understand the nature of this dynamic it will not suit either of us and will waste time where you could actually be finding what you escort, a submissive, a playmate, etc. If you come seeking Dominance, come correct or don't come at all. We will clock you and you will be left to continue seeking...hopefully with a bit more insight.

Now if you don't know what you are doing and you are shy or simply inexperienced, do some research. Look up how to address Dommes, read this blog post, try on a persona of deep respect and submission. Lean into allowing yourself to truly become dominated and controlled and for God's sake... don't top from the bottom. You can also look up what that means. It is okay to be unsure and new at this, to have a first time experience and grow from it as long as you come CORRECT! Meaning, come with Respect and a willingness to engage from a space of submission.

Dommes are here to help in ways so many other service people and service industries aren't willing to explore. This is due to taboos, fear, shame, society, etc. We handle desire, pain, intrigue, fantasy and exploration on the daily and create intense spaces of expression and transformation for our clients. We ask you to trust us and show us that you are willing to obey. Pretty basic and incredibly important. Now the next time you are in a Domme's inbox...I hope it begins correct.

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