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Catch Me if You Can October

What a busy few months it's been for the Ex-Mormon Domme!

I've had numerous darlings come into the dungeon to submit to my will and we have had an immense amount of fun. I'm elated to say that nobody can just see me once, they come again and again and again to be in the dungeon of Mx. Novatrix. My retention is excellent, what can I say...once I'm in your head, I'm in your head.

But as is customary, I am going to be on the road again. The last time I was gone this much was in April, but when it's time to fly, it's time to fly. A wicked witch always knows when it's time to hit the skies.

I'll be starting my October in Texas with a visit to a darling burlesque clown friend of mine Dame Dynamite from the Fou-Fou Has. She's putting on a tarot burlesque show and I'll be spending a weekend there to observe, indulge and maybe if you're lucky pick up a session in the local dungeons in Austin.

Then it's off to Colorado for the 10 year anniversary of Carnivale de Sensuale. If you want to see me, now is a good time to schedule time while I'm out in Denver. I know that a few of you have been dying to get under my boot while I'm visiting out there, so don't hesitate to submit yourself to my inbox and see what we can arrange.

I'll be spending the fourth weekend of October in LA playing with some darlings from the T.E.A. (The Empowered Art) society. I'll be slinging my floggers and personal brand of psychological scarefare into the space as the open dungeon and kink event brings some eager and lucky submissives under my gaze. The week is proving to be quite an intense and wonderful extravaganza full of queer and kinky artists wanting to play and get down in the pop of dungeon. Let's see if you can be one of the lucky ones that gets to see me.

Then I'll be ending my tour in Minneapolis. I have toured through the Midwest before and it never disappoints. I'll be officiating a wedding for some dear friends of mine and spending the weekend perusing all that MN has to offer me. I plan to hit some kinky events and see what there is to see. I hear that y'all know how to get down in the twin cities town, most especially around spooky season.

My schedule at home in the Salty dungeon is getting filled up.

Submit yourself to my desire and come into the wonder and magic that is domination. The Ex-Mormon Domme is ready...if you are.

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