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Nun Ya Business

Updated: May 3

It's interesting being an Ex-Mormon Domme, I will assure you. One of the things that is heavily requested is a religious experience and I aim to please. Whether this is worship, confession, service, ritual, flogging and pain catharsis or simply kneeling before the altar of my body...a 'religious' experience is sure to provide you with some much needed divinity.

I think that so many are looking for something to dedicate themselves to.

Something beyond the realm of this reality and I know most people work a 9-5 wishing that they could live in a different world where death and taxes aren't necessary. Well...

I do live in that kind of world (minus the taxes, I definitely do pay taxes and death hasn't come for me...yet!), which allows me to hold space for a different realm to enter if only for 2-3 hours (sometimes 4 if you come correct.)

The realm of divinity can take many forms. Sometimes it is a Nun that takes you there. The pious black dress wearing, habit donning femme that shows that sometimes there is still goodness in this world. "Hail Mary" isn't necessary, but I'll take "Hail Mx Novatrix" any day. It really doesn't matter what religion you come from I've found...nuns just kind of do it for everybody. I think it's a matter of cultural association...kind of like the cross. We don't have to be holy to wear one and St. Andrew comes in when necessary.

In my church, as you (my dedicated readers) have read there are a few things that are required. You must "come correct" be respectful and please...ensure that you have the appropriate tribute in hand as the Goddexx doesn't appear for nothing. If you want that kind of church...there is one down the road on every corner asking for 10% a month for membership with no benefits other than guilt and shame...I assure you my church is a better deal. So, indulge yourself won't you and don't be shy. I am the Sultry Saint of Sin after all and Sin is In.

This week I was fortunate enough to have four sessions, one of them based in a religious experience where my dear darling 'Sisster" was tied to my newest furniture piece...a Catholic Prayer Bench lined in red leather. I am handy and have modified the prayer bench to suit my diabolic purposes...suffice it to say, "Cumming to Jesus" has never been easier. I insist that you Cum on the Cross... that La Petit Morte is a fine tribute after all. My Sisster was gracious enough to buy us our habits and I provided the rosaries and corporals for the altar. Copal and incense infused the space with a feeling of ethereal indulgence and we were off to the races.

My darling Sisster first had to undergo a "Sisterfication" wherein her body was adorned with make up and a wig was placed atop her head to please the Goddexx. Following the cleansing and beautifying, she had to kneel upon the corporal and se the altar space with items that she brought for ritualizing a release under the gaze of the most illustrious Boy George and myself. Following our altar setting, it was prayer bench time. I attached her to the bench using ropes of the most natural fibers and strung her Sisster clit to the cross before beginning the torturous expulsion of her sins before the mirror and her this case...the maker was me.

The torture went on. All holes were filled with the spirit of Sin and Salt and my poor Sisster nearly passed our from overstimulation as the Goddexx can indeed overwhelm mortals and incite intense experiences of ecstasy and connection with the divine. I will not go into all the rituals and rites that it takes to be one of my Sissters, but I will tell you the training period can be quite long and only the MOST worthy will be strung to my Prayer Bench for the Celestial Confessional of your dreams. My Sisster left blessed, bruised and released from burdens I wonder if she even knew she had. A job well done and the candles burned into the night as the rosaries hung gently, swaying in the mirror. Nuns do need their sleep too you know and ending a session of this order is a wind down of it's own precious accord.

Religion after all is a business and a practice.

Divinity belongs to all.

Come Correct or...Don't Come at all.

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