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Sitting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Maybe I'll start with you sitting on my couch, the yellow one.

If you've been to the Lighthouse, you know what I am talking about.

The one where more than one man has sat looking across the way towards me, the Mxtress and fumbling over words he's not sure he knows the meaning of...yet.

We're sitting and I'm talking, asking the questions. Letting you observe me in a brighter light than what we get in either Heaven or Hell (again, if you've been here, you know what I'm talking about). Just sitting, but you can feel me begin to enter you from across the room. Maybe it's my voice or my energy or the way my specific scent spreads it's tendrils towards your nostrils with claws of olfactory pleasure...inhale me, you'll want to.

The thing about sitting is, it's such a good way to get to know someone. How they sit, where they sit, what they are wearing, if they remembered to take off their shoes (if I have to remind them they are on holy ground), if they're facing me directly or glancing at me every once in a while only because direct eye contact can definitely be overstimulating. Though my eyes are brown, there are accounts of them appearing either orange or red when a session becomes particularly fiery.

"How are you feeling today?" I ask and it feels like a slither, I smile showing my fangs.

"Well...Mxstress." The boy on the couch usually says just a little, followed by my title, if we've discussed it.

"Good, I hope you're well fed and showered."

"Of course Mxstress."

I hold out my hand, "Then let's get started."

I lead each and every submissive up the stairs to the affectionately called "Rainbow corridor." There are three doors, red, yellow and blue surrounded by purple walls. "Which door, boy? Heaven, Hell or the Golden Shower Room?" I tease. They laugh. My favorite is when they say, "Whichever you prefer Mxstress." I always like having the choice. At the end of the day, I pull them into whatever space I desire. We've already discussed consent.

Hell is my favorite space to have a "sitting." I have a Queening Throne gifted to me by my now ex-submissive. My Crow was a darling indeed and spoiled me endlessly with gifts of clothing and this...a piece of furniture that really does the trick for those interested in a different kind of sitting. It is red and black leather. Cushioned for my pleasure and with adjustable straps. The design features attachments where I can restrain wrists and when a boy is strapped in, he can't let his face or tongue get too close to the Mxtress' divinity, we'll get into that further in a moment.

So, once in Hell. I take a boy and lay him on my Liberator velvet pad (Queen Size). I place his head inside my Queening Throne upon the sling that holds his neck and face in place beneath the hole in the top where I sit. I then bring his wrists over and place restraints on them that can then be attached to the side of the throne. The rest of his body is exposed for my pleasure. I can stomp or tease as I please atop the throne, I leave my strappy heels on with the points that have only ever seen Hell and nowhere else. The shoes in Hell are of the utmost beauty. I never wear them out, only in and only for sin.

I lean over the hole and we are face to face. I lick my lips.

"Tell me you believe you deserve to be close to my ass today?"

He nods. I continue.

"I will say that once you are close, you may lose your head, which is why it is strapped in as it is. You are not allowed to kiss or lick anything that you see. But you can look and of course, you can smell me, just don't hyperventilate. We don't need you passing out now do we?"

He shakes his head. I smile. And turn around.

You see, the thing is, when you first sit atop a Queening Throne, it can be a bit disconcerting as you can't see your submissive's face. It's all wrapped up in the straps and well, your ass. So, then all you have is the OTHER parts of the boy that you can see. So, you have to monitor the body movement, the breathing, the visual cues of excitement and overwhelm. You have to be curious and can get a bit steamy on the throne, so taking breaks is highly advised.

I sit.

Moaning occurs, heavy breathing occurs, begging occurs, struggle occurs, writhing occurs.

And, me...well I'm just sitting and watching. Sometimes stepping on bits with my pointy heels if the mood strikes and if we've discussed it beforehand. Not every submissive is excited at the prospect of his most tender parts being stabbed with 6 inch heels...Dammit.

And, I love to sit.

I love sitting and feeling the torturous energies rise from beneath me as the boy cannot contain himself, but must. Strapped down as he is, it is no wonder I hear growling and see the visual cues of self restraint being struggled against as the mind and the body struggle to contend with one another. Being a Mxstress is like this. Watching, playing and ensuring that you've put the Submissive in such a state as they would never attempt to violate you. I have never had a Submissive try anything because by the point they are this close to me...they are under the spell of Submission. They actually can't do anything, but attempt to get out, which of course won't happen. Lovely work really. Torturous work.

So, this is why sitting is such sweet sorrow my potential Submissives or curious readers because for you, you only get so close. Either you get close enough to read the words and imagine or you get to see me and ask for a "Queening" session or a "Smothering" session or if you must, a "Sitting" session and feel these feelings. These torturous feelings. Only my full-time submissives get the actual icing on the cake, but for the rest of you...

There's simply sorrow.

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